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We Specialise in 

Candle Refills

The beautiful thing about glass jars is that it can be recycled indefinitely.

This makes for an excellent eco-friendly and sustainable practice. 



We specialise in soy candle refills, and we are the leading candle refill service in Melbourne since 2012!

It is easy. Just bring me your used Candle Jars, and I will refill them in your favourite scents, saving money and the environment in the process! How fun!

There are 2 ways we can do this:​

You can drop off your empty candle containers to me at my market stall and see all my various candles and scents on display on Weekends (10am – 4pm) to the Rose Street Handmade Market in Melbourne (60 Rose street, Fitzroy).

Alternatively, you can also drop the jars to me at our workshop in Maribyrnong by prior arrangement, or depending on your area, I may be able to pick the jars up off you on my weekly candle deliveries, Thursday & Friday mornings.

How it works

Once I have your jars, I will wash them if needed, and measure the size of each vessel and get back to you with a quote to refill your candles. This is based on the millilitres of each candle vessel, so costs vary depending on the size of your container. Let me know what fragrance/s you would like for each jar and I will take care of the rest. And YES you can have different scents for each candle vessel. Variety is the spice of life after all 😊

Please email or PM me for the current refill rate. It is a LOT cheaper than whatever you originally paid for the candle, no doubt!


Please return our popular Apothecary jars  (with lid) once the candle is used, and pick another Apothecary candle on the spot at Rose Street market on weekends, and save money instantly (From $31 to $26) or also return our  smaller ‘Candle Cups’  from $23 to $18).

Message me if you would like more information and please follow me on Instagram to view my refilled candle creations!

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